Cover Letter Writing

Every time you send out your resume, you must also enclose your cover letter.
Cover letter may be regarded as an introduction to your resume or CV and it will give your recruiter a glimpse of who you are. It will make him/her interested by your candidature leading them to read your CV or resume.

Cover letter writing is important and should be a constant companion of your resume. Every time you send out your resume, you must also enclose your cover letter. It gives the employer a favorable and lasting impression about you. When your potential employer reads it first, it must convince him/her your resume is really worth reading. Otherwise, your resume might be neglected and ignored.

With employers receiving so many Resumes/CVs these days, a well-written email covering letter will make your application stand out. Gone are the days when you can just say in your email cover letter "Here is my Resume/CV". Physically posting your CV, is not recommended as you will appear out of touch with the present job market. These days, you must produce a first-class email covering letter that clearly links your experience, skills and achievements to an employer's real needs. It must demonstrate that you are better than the other applicants and make the reader want to read your CV.

Type of Cover Letter

  • Cover Letter Sent to a Specific Person
  • A professionally written resume and Cover letter.
  • Cover Letters Sent in Response to a "Blind" AD/Posting.
  • Cover Letters Sent to Recruiters.
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